Some of our favorite researchers

We thought it might be helpful if we shared some of our favorite resources with you. All our work is based on classroom and life experience and is enhanced by our lifelong learning about the research that supports what we do. 

Carol Ann Tomlinson is someone we respect; we love her research on differentiation. We recently found this article by Pearl Subban (Australia) that puts Dr. Tomlinson's research in a larger theoretical context related to differentiated instruction. 13 pgs. Differentiated Instruction: A research basis

Robert Marzano has been a leading education researcher for years; we've particularly followed his work in classroom instruction and vocabulary instruction, but here you'll find free downloadable resources related to all his work.  Free resources from Robert Marzano

Eric Jensen has added so much to our understanding of how the brain works. 

Nancy Frey and Doug Fisher (separately and together) have really helped us think about how we can work to improve literacy across content areas.