Notebook Foldables Across the Curriculum

In this fun, fast-paced workshop, learn how to use Dinah Zike’s Notebook Foldables—interactive, research-based, hands-on graphic organizers—to revolutionize the way you teach and the way your students study. Discover how to transform student notebooks into dimensional, individualized, and brain-smart tools that give students opportunities to immerse themselves in learning visually and kinesthetically as they organize information to achieve more personal, authentic communication and lasting meaning. Participants will make their own examples and learn strategies for implementing this powerful and effective learning tool.

Workshop is available in half-day (2.5-3.0 hours) or full-day (5.5-6.0 hours) format. Participant materials provided.

To schedule a workshop, please start by calling our office: 800-99-DINAH or email