FOCUS: K-5 Talkin’ TEKS for Elementary Math/Math Interactive Notebooking (EL/MS)

This FOCUS session will shine a spotlight on: problem-solving and word problems; NEW notebooking manipulatives; data analysis and financial literacy. Elementary and middle school breakouts allow you to hone in on your grade level.

Please note: FOCUS sessions are designed to illustrate graphic organizer applications to particular content areas, not to learn basic skills in using graphic organizers. Implementation of relevant Common Core State Standards (and TEKS) is a focus within each module. Additionally, ideas for using graphic organizers as formative and summative assessment tools will also be addressed in each FOCUS institute.

This focus session consists of three separate modules one Friday afternoon (1 pm-4 pm CST) one Friday evening (6pm-8pm CST), and a final module Saturday morning (9am -12).

This is not a session for beginners; participants are expected to have prior knowledge and experience with Dinah Zike's Foldables. Participants pursuing certification as DZ trainers will complete additional follow-up requirements. The Dinah Zike Academy is an approved provider of Continuing Professional Education for the State of Texas--CPE Provider # 501-536.

Tuition: $350, includes all materials. A non-refundable deposit of $75 will be charged immediately upon registration to reserve your spot.

TO REGISTER AND ARRANGE PAYMENT: PLEASE CONTACT Brenda at (210) 698-0123 or 800-99-DINAH or send an email to

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