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VKV Flashcards

  • Manipulatives
Product Description

Use these index-weight, prescored blank VKV flashcards to make two-dimensional words three-dimensional, as featured in Dinah's Language Arts VKV book series.

Each packet contains 50 of each size card--single-tabbed, double-tabbed, and triple-tabbed--for a total of 150 cards which can teach 400+ vocabulary terms. Flashcards are blank with a light blue grid and can be used to teach grammar and vocabulary for any subject.

Price includes standard shipping within 48 contiguous U.S. states; please contact our office for shipping rates and options for other areas.

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VKV Heteronyms: live, live
VKV Homographs: scale, scale, scale
VKV Homophones: I, eye
VKV Initial Letter P: pan, pig, pill, paw, pot, potato
VKV Phonogram -ag: wag, rag, lag, bag, tag, flag, shag, drag, brag
VKV Phonogram -ap: map, nap, cap, tap, sap, trap, wrap, clap, snap
VKV Phonogram -et: pet, vet, get, met, bet, set, net, wet, yet
VKV Phonogram -up: cup, up, pup, puppy
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