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Venn Diagram

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These Venn diagrams include cut lines to turn a wonderful two-dimensional graphic organizer into 3-D! Cutting the Venn diagram allows students to focus on areas where they may lack complete understanding. Most frequently used for indicating similarities and differences between two ideas or groups, Dinah also uses Venn diagrams for what she calls mergers: where two related concepts come together to form a third. For example, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate merge to form the U.S. Congress; likewise, saltwater and fresh water merge to form brackish water.

Publishing centers are used K-12, in all content areas, and they are student-directed.  They provide printed tools to enhance visual literacy including communicating the following: location through maps, sequential events through timelines, and measurement through tools such as beakers, thermometers, and clocks.   Publishing-center graphics are available for students to select and use at any point during projects, notetaking, journaling, and notebooking activities.  When students learn to use these visual graphics to meet their personal needs they become tools for differentiation.  Publishing Centers are cross-curricular; it is not uncommon for maps and timelines to be used in science and rain gauges to be used in Social Studies.  Our publishing center pages are available as downloads and are formatted with anchor tabs for notebooking.

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