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Side-by-Side Pages: Money

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Product Description

Downloadable packet contains 5 money pages and instructions.

One sheet of paper makes a ¾ Pocket and kinesthetic activity page. After construction, observe the graphics on the left side and discuss the front and back of the featured coin. Observe and discuss the Real World Print behind the coin graphic. Use the pocket on the right to collect flashcards made out of 1/6 of a sheet of paper. Flashcards can be preprinted or student-made and include terms, symbols, coin combinations that equal the value of the coin featured, and more. Raise the entire right pocket side and observe the coins pictured underneath. Use different colored markers or pencils to circle different numbers and combinations of coins. Circles might overlap as seen in word-find activities. Students read the page by forming sentences, such as: “The red group has a value of forty cents.”

Use this download as a single-page activity that can be used independently or glued into Notebooks or Station Books, and/or use it as one page within a multi-paged Side-By-Side Classroom Book.

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