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Side-by-Side Pages: Cardinal Numbers 1-10

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Product Description

This downloadable packet contains a page for each cardinal number 1-10, and an instruction page.

One sheet of paper makes a Twist and Turn numeracy activity page with multiple kinesthetic actions. After construction, observe and discuss the number to the left and count the graphics on the front of the right tabs. Under the tabs, students write about the graphics on the front or dictate what is to be written.Raise the entire right side of the activity to view graphics and short phrases that relate to the featured number. Graphics and phrases include numbers as they relate to body parts, animals, plants, clothing, shapes, coins, food and more.

Use this download as a single-page activity that can be used independently or glued into Notebooks or Station Books, and/or use it as one page within a multi-paged Side-By-Side Classroom Book.

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