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Side-by-Side Book Packet: Uppercase/Lowercase Letters Quilt Pattern

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Product Description

Packet contains 28 pages, one for each letter of the alphabet, plus two free cover pages.

One sheet of paper makes a Two-Tab kinesthetic activity page. After construction, observe and discuss the capital and lowercase letters on the front of each tab. Under the left tab, collect (write, sketch, or glue) words that always begin with an initial capital letter. Under the right tab, collect (write, sketch, or glue) words that usually begin with a lowercase letter. Highlight the featured letter in each word. Read and discuss the words recorded. Use them in sentences. Try to use a word that begins with, and another word that ends with, the featured consonant in one sentence. Use this download as a single-page activity that can be used independently or glued into Notebooks or Station Books, and/or use it as one page within a multi-paged Side-By-Side Classroom Book.