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Side-by-Side Accordion: Months of the Year

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Product Description

This 7-page downloadable packet forms a twelve-page Side-by-Side Accordion booklet. Once constructed, open the pages of the book to reveal the sequential order of the months. The accordion format of this book allows the months to be seen and discussed using cardinal numbers and position words such as before and after. What is the third month? What month comes after June? At some point, on each calendar, record the days of the months for the year the booklet is being used. Use a highlighter to mark student birthdays and write student initials on the date. Use a different color to mark holidays and/or special events. Help students understand what part months play in naming time and how they will be used in their lives. Differentiate between the terms year, month, week, and day.

Use this download as a multipage activity that forms an Accordion LOCOmotion Classroom Book.