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Shutterfold State Flags: Idaho

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Product Description

We have multiple versions!

  • State Facts Sheet with Colored Flag
  • State Facts Sheet with Black & White Flag (Great for coloring in or saving ink!)

One sheet of regular photocopy paper makes two vertical sections that can be glued onto a Shutterfold that has been made out of 11” x 17” paper. These pieces are glued by anchor tabs to the middle left and right sections of the front of the Shutterfold. The Pull-Out tabs add surface area and a fun pull-out action when opening and closing the Shutterfold.

Store Shutterfolds…

…by gluing them into LOCOmotion Classroom Notebooks.

…in labeled plastic bags or expandable file folders.

…by gluing them inside LOCOmotion Station Books.

…inside a Box Book in your LOCOmotion Box Library (made from cereal boxes).

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