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Sequencing and Pattern Flip Reptiles: Snake, Turtle, Lizard

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Product Description

One sheet of regular photocopy paper makes a single Flip, and one sheet of index or cover stock paper makes the cover. This activity incorporates listening, observing, decision-making, and kinesthetic responses. The instructor and/or a student arranges the tabs of their Sequencing and Pattern Flip to make a pattern. Students in the group/station try to make their Flips look the same. Begin with only two movable sections of tabs by paper-clipping the last (right) section closed. Advance to all three sections as students progress. Make 3-6 of each Sequencing and Pattern Flip for use in Stations, or make enough to be used by pairs of students as a classroom activity. Once assembled, Sequencing and Pattern Flips can be used throughout the school term for instruction, review, and assessment; and they usually last for several years.

Store Sequencing and Pattern Flips…

…in labeled plastic bags or expandable file folders.

…in large pockets inside LOCOmotion Classroom Notebooks.

…in large pockets inside LOCOmotion Station Books.

…inside a Box Book in your LOCOmotion Box Library (made from cereal boxes).

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