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Dinah Zike’s Academic Vocabulary Pocketbooks Science

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Product Description

This product is no longer in stock as a physical product; it is available for download only.

Each packet contains an instruction sheet and a master set of pocketbooks to be duplicated for individual students to make and use. Students write or collect "real world print" examples and place them on the pockets or create flashcards to store within the 27 titled pockets (including Clipped Words, Abbreviations, Acronyms, Root Words, etc.). Great review of word rules for beginning and advanced students (and teachers)!

Different ways to use this product:

1) as a single classroom reference and vocabulary storage unit for new words;

2) make copies only for individual students who struggle with vocabulary and have them collect words for each category at home and/or as they come across new words in class--some teachers use the classroom examples as an opportunity to model how to record the new vocabulary, helping the student to build his/her vocabulary book;

3) if the class is divided into table groups or work groups, consider making one copy for each group so that they see more rapid progress adding to the book and spark conversations about academic language as they decide where to put new words;

4) make copies for every student so each has a place to record vocabulary development

Don't forget to keep one copy in your files as a master so you can use as needed in the future!

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