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Pythagorean Theorem

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This template originally appeared in Dinah Zike's Notebook Foldables Geometry: Beginning Concepts and Applications (NC-M104)

A note from Dinah:

Welcome! Many of you have been using my Foldables (originally called 3-D interactive graphic organizers) since the 1970s, and you have converted, or are in the process of converting, to Notebook Foldables. Through the years, notebooking in many forms has proven effective for generating, collecting, and organizing activities for instruction, practice, and assessment. Notebooking also provides a venue for recording student observations, questions, and opinions while immersing students in academic vocabulary.

Notebook Foldables can easily be integrated into any notebooking program. For more in-depth information on Notebook Foldables strategies, you might view my Notebook Foldables® book and CD, which won a 2011 Teachers’ Choice Award.

This series of Notebooking Central templates is a response to teachers who asked for Notebook Foldables that:
• provide graphics to aid comprehension and memory
• provide duplicable front tabs that generate student responses on the back of tabs, underneath tabs, and on the notebook page surrounding tabs
• provide ideas for the use of Notebook Foldables within different content areas

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