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Months of the Year GrandStands

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Product Description

Purchase individual Display Cases for $.75 or a packet of 12 pages for $8.40.

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One sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper makes one GrandStand.View the product assembly video on this page. Print GrandStands on index- or cover stock-weight paper in color or black/white.

Scroll down for Things to Do and ways to Store GrandStands!

Things to Do:

Note that GrandStands can be used on a table or desktop, or they can be glued, stapled, or push-pinned onto a bulletin board.

  1. Use these GrandStands with students who are learning or reviewing Months of the Year.Have students observe and describe the graphics used on each stand.Note the following: the name of the month written using a capital letter, Real-World Print examples, graphics that represent something related to the month, and the abbreviations for the days of the week that fall within a month.
  2. Use quarter- or half-sheets of paper to record things that happen each month. Use ordinal numbers when referring to months. Note which months come before and after a given month. Relate months to seasons of the year.
  3. Make flashcards that use the name of the month in a sentence. Example: It snows a lot in January. We go on vacation in June. Students remove the flashcards from one of the month GrandStands, “read” them and place the ones they can read to the left side of the stand and the ones they need help with on the right side.
  4. Have students write their names on flashcards and write the month they were born below their name. Sort their flashcards onto the corresponding month GrandStand and make a tally chart to record the data collected.
  5. Month-related photographs, magazine pictures, and student art can become flashcards displayed on the Months of the Year GrandStands.
  6. Use GrandStands as a bulletin board throughout the school year to collect cards that have been used to record month-related words, phrases, and sentences that were read, heard, or observed in the following: literature, rhymes, songs, science observations, others. Examples: We celebrate Independence Day in July.; They start school in August. We start school in September.
  7. GrandStands are teaching aids that can be used to display many different forms of print: student writing, teacher notes, Internet print, quotes, and vocabulary terms. Use in stations or work areas.
  8. The size of the GrandStand is perfect for displaying quarter-sheets, half-sheets, and folded sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper. Worksheets can be folded in half and placed on a GrandStand.MiniBooks and Side-by-Side Books can also be featured.

Store GrandStands

When made using index-weight paper, GrandStands last for several years. Glue together as demonstrated in the Assembly Video on this page or in the Multi-media Videos and store in the following ways:

  1. Store vertically in a Box Book in your LOCOmotion Box Library (made from cereal boxes).
  2. Store vertically in plastic or cardboard magazine holders.
  3. Store multiple sets of Grandstands vertically in a copy paper box.
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