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MiniBook Shapes: 2D All Shapes

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Product Description

One sheet of paper makes a 2” x 2½”booklet with 26 pages. Use regular photocopy paper to print MiniBooks in black/white or color. Booklet graphics include blackline drawings and/or photographs. Featured words are hidden within all blackline drawings, and students enjoy using a hand lens to find them. After assembly, half of the book’s pages have graphics and half are empty for student writing/sketches or instructor-recorded dictation. Make one MiniBook to be added to a Classroom MiniBook Library or Notebook, or make several of each title to be used in Stations.

MiniBook Title: 2D Shapes - All

Words Featured: rhombus, pentagon, oval, hexagon, rectangle, heptagon, triangle, octagon, square, nonagon, circle, trapezoid

Store MiniBooks in…

…a MiniBook Library made from processed cheese boxes.

…labeled plastic bags or expandable file folders.

…pockets within student or Classroom Notebooks.

…pockets in Station Books.

…a LOCOmotion Box Library made from cereal boxes.

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