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Humid Air, Condensation, Cold Liquid, Water Vapor, Precipitation…

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Product Description

Discussion Prompts to communicate observations, inferences, and extensions:

condensation, cold glass, warm moist air, precipitation, water vapor, liquid, states of matter

Inferencing is the ability to “fill in the gaps” when facts or other information is not explicitly provided. With PHOTOinfer, we use photos to prompt connections between what is learned in the classroom and what occurs in the real world.

One sheet of paper makes two PHOTOinfer activities to be used by two different students. Each PHOTOinfer has an anchor tab that is used to adhere it to a page within a student notebook. PHOTOinfer asks students to observe a photograph, make inferences based upon their observations, communicate what they experience internally and with others, and extend what was observed and inferred to other areas of their life and knowledge bank. Print PHOTOinfers in black and white for student use, but view the color version in a PowerPoint or projected onto a white board for discussions. Currently PHOTOinfers are based upon Earth, Life, and Physical Science concepts, but they will eventually be available for Math, Social Sciences, and Language Arts.

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