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Earth Science VKV: Layers of the Atmosphere

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Product Description

One sheet of paper makes several skill- or topic-related kinesthetic flashcards that form 2-5 terms per card. This means that every page will feature between 6 and 10 terms. Use regular photocopy paper to print VKVs and store folded cards in pockets in student notebooks, or glue them directly onto notebook pages.

VKVs include graphics, sentences, and/or student response areas. They kinesthetically focus on the following: etymology, root words, phonics, affixes, antonyms, compound words, heteronyms, academic vocabulary, and more.

VKVs are an important tool for enriching basic student vocabulary and strengthening word attack skills.

VKV terms and skills will eventually range from Kinder to SAT Prep and HS content levels.

NOTE: VKVs can be enlarged for use in EC classroom books.

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