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Display Case Alphabet Packet with Animal Toppers

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Product Description

Downloadable packet contains 26 pages, one for each letter of the alphabet, plus 26 Animal Toppers.

One sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper makes one Display Case. View the product assembly video on this page.

Print Display Cases on index- or cover stock-weight paper in color or black/white.

Scroll down for Things to Do and ways to Store Display Cases!

Things to Do:

  1. Use these Animal Topper Display Cases with students who are learning the letters of the alphabet. Use for introducing or reinforcing the formation of letters using circle and line letter formation.
  2. Note that consonant displays are green and vowel displays are yellow. Use all 26 cases when learning about the alphabet. Omit the yellow vowel displays to focus on initial consonants only. Only use the yellow displays when focusing on vowels.
  3. Name the animals featured on the Display Toppers as they are used. Make a flashcard with the animal’s name and store it in the Display Case for use through the year. On the back of the card, write things students dictate about the animal or things you discover through research.
  4. Collect and sort physical objects or flashcards of objects that have names that begin with the featured letter. (See related products.)
  5. Observe and discuss the Real-World Print letters used to form the wallpaper on the Display Cases. Note that capital letters are positioned to the left and lower-case letters to the right. When students sort flashcards stored in the Display, they place words beginning with a capital letter in stacks to the left and words beginning with a lower-case letter to the right.
  6. Write student names on flashcards and have them place them in the Display Case that features the initial letter of their first name. Later do the same activity with the first letter of their last name.
  7. Collect and sort physical objects or flashcards of objects that have names that end with the featured letter. Frequently these words will be formed by phonograms, or word families.(See related products.) Examples:bad, dad, had, lad, mad, pad, sad; feed, need, seed, weed
  8. Use these Display Cases for beginning alphabetizing activities and review. Place the Display Cases end-to-end to form a sequential train of letters. Find letters that come before or after a given letter.
  9. Make flashcards of sight words, words encountered in literature, and content vocabulary terms that begin with featured letters, and/or blends and digraphs that begin with the letter. Sight Word Examples: just, the, of Content Examples:egg, larva, pupa, adult; wants, needs

Store Display Cases

Instead of assembling with glue, use paper clips to secure the sides of the display so it can be folded flat and stored in the following ways:

  1. Glued into LOCOmotion Classroom Notebooks or Station Books.
  2. Placed in large pockets in LOCOmotion Classroom Notebooks or Station Books.
  3. Placed in labeled plastic bags or expandable file folders.
  4. Stored inside a Box Book in your LOCOmotion Box Library (made from cereal boxes).
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