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Dinah Zike’s Notebooking Central Notebook Foldables Spanish Edition Physical Science Force & Motion

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Product Description

$9.75 price reflects warehouse sale to make space for new standards-related products and is effective through 11/30/19 or while supplies last.

When using our dual language Notebooking Central titles, you will find that notes to teachers and instructional suggestions are in English, and the content is the same as the English title. The template labels themselves are in Spanish. We recognize that there are many dialects and preferred Spanish wording dependent on geographical locale, student population served, and other factors. All Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary manipulatives (VKVs) appear in English for potential use as good second/dual language practice. Whenever feasible, templates include both English and Spanish. If a template is text-heavy, only Spanish is utilized.

Price includes standard shipping within 48 contiguous U.S. states; please contact our office for shipping rates and options for other areas. 

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