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Dinah Zike’s Notebooking Central Notebook Foldables Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms

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Product Description

$9.75 price reflects warehouse sale to make space for new standards-related products and is effective through 11/30/19 or while supplies last.

The templates in this 48-page title in the Notebooking Central series address dilemmas that we face in our everyday writing, reading, spelling, and usage, whether one is a native English speaker or someone adding English to his/her linguistic repertoire. The templates offered here are intended to help solidify reading-writing-spelling connections adn offer interesting contexts and graphics for meaningful, base-building and student practice.

Standards consulted include, but are not limited to: CCSS ELA-Literacy L.3.4, L.4.4, L.5.5C, L.6.4

This series of Notebooking Central booklets is a response to teachers who asked for Notebook Foldables that:

  • provide graphics to aid comprehension and memory
  • provide tabs that elicit student responses on the back of, underneath, and on the notebook page surrounding tabs
  • provide ideas for the use of Notebook Foldables within different content areas

For more in-depth information on Notebook Foldables strategies, consider Dinah Zike's Notebook Foldables for Spirals, Binders, and Composition Books with companion CD, a 2011 Teachers' Choice Award winner.

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