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Dinah Zike’s NBC Notebook Foldables Strategies for Comprehending & Interacting w/ Informational Text

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Product Description

Informational text may also be referred to as non-fiction or expository text. This booklet is applicable to all content areas and includes graphics to help students build visual literacy skills, read dense text, and further develop their comprehension and writing skills. This booklet could be used with students from grade three through college. Pages are coded to indicate that templates are geared toward skill development (Sk); student resource and usage (R); or use before (B), during (D), or after (A) reading.

Dinah's Notebook Foldables book, a 2011 Teachers' Choice Award-winner, shows teachers and students how to make notebooking and journaling a 3-D process. This series is presented in response to teachers' requests for specific content-based Foldables. This book contains 80 templates designed to help students study, to immerse themselves in, and to comprehend informational (non-fiction) text. 46 pages.

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