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Dinah Zike’s Envelope Graphic Organizers

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Product Description

Dinah Zike's Envelope Graphic Organizers offers ideas about how to adapt Dinah Zike's Foldables for use with envelopes of all shapes and sizes.

This book provides project idea starters and examples of envelope projects used as study guides, alternate report formats and unit projects. Included with the book is a DVD with Dinah showing the details of many of the projects photographed in the book. NOTE: DVD segments are arranged by chapter titles; though some of us will think we can click on the title to start the related video, we actually need to hover the cursor just to the left of the title: a small yellow icon will appear. Click on the yellow icon to start each video.

This full-color book includes photographed examples developed by Dinah and her team as well as teachers who have attended the Dinah Zike Academy.

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