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Dinah Zike’s Academic Vocabulary Pocketbooks United States History

  • Manipulatives
Product Description

$5.00 price reflects warehouse sale to make space for new standards-related products and is effective through 11/30/19 or while supplies last.

Dinah Zike's Academic Vocabulary Pocketbooks consist of 28 pages of pockets for collecting terms presented in literature, language arts textbooks, or independent units of study. Words are analyzed using books or online dictionaries, thesauri, and etymology aids and then sorted into pockets:

abbreviations * acronyms and initializations * analogies * antonyms * borrowed words * clipped words * compound words * consonants * double letters * heteronyms * homographs * homophones * idioms * plurals * prefixes * proper nouns * root words * silent letters * suffixes * syllabication * synonyms * vowels * know * need to know

Each packet includes a master set of pocketbooks printed on 20-pound paper to be duplicated for individual student use. Students make small flashcards for new terms, analyze and research the etymologies and meanings of the terms using their text and computer dictionaries, and sort the flashcards into the pockets of their booklets. Students are encouraged to collect and include words found in "real world print."

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