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CVCC, CCVCC Words: -ess Flashcards

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Product Description

One sheet of paper makes six pre-printed flashcards. Each page relates to a featured phonics skill, affix, topic, or theme. A blank page is available so you can add your own words. Each card is labeled to make sorting easier.

Flashcards are sized to fit in envelopes glued in a student notebook, within the pocket of a ¾ Pocket Side-by-Side page, on Grandstands, within Display Cases, in Top Pockets, and in other pockets such as those designed for use in classroom notebooks or Big Books. Use the back of the flashcards for student writing and/or illustrations, student dictated sentences or definitions, RWP (Real World Print), and more. Skills are noted on the front of each individual card so multiple sheets of flashcards can be used together or sorted and used separately for review or re-teaching.

File Title: CVCC, CCVCC Words: -ess

Words Featured: mess, less, Tess, Bess, dress, chess

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