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Colors Display Cases

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Product Description

Purchase individual Display Cases for $.75 or a packet of eleven for $7.70.

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One sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper makes one Display Case.View the product assembly video on this page. Print Display Cases on index- or cover stock-weight paper in color or black/white.

Scroll down for Things to Do and ways to Store Display Cases.

Things to Do:

  1. Collect and sort small physical objects that represent the featured color. In the red Crayon Display Case place a red block, red yarn, red crayon, red lid, red toy car.
  2. Collect and sort photographs of red objects. Example: photograph of red strawberries, red flowers, red barn. (See related products.)
  3. Collect and sort flashcards that feature color words used as adjectives to describe simple nouns:red ball, blue blocks. (See related products.)
  4. “Read” the color words used as wallpaper on the Display Case. Have students point to examples of the color word written in all upper-case letters, written in all lower-case letters, written with a capital letter at the beginning of the word. Point to all color words written in the featured color, in other words, find red “red” words.Spell the color word while touching the letters.
  5. Place the Display Cases end-to-end to form a sequential train of color crayon boxes. Discuss what color comes before or after another color.
  6. Select and group items from within a single Display Case and use oral sentences to describe the combination. Example: I placed the large red block next to the two red ribbons and I have three red things in all.
  7. Select and group items from different color Display Cases. How many do you have when you combine 1 red ball and 2 blue blocks? Discuss these as inequalities, too. There are more blue blocks than red balls. (2 >1)

Store Display Cases

Instead of assembling with glue, use paper clips to secure the sides of the display so it can be folded flat and stored in the following ways:

  1. Glue into LOCOmotion Classroom Notebooks or Station Books.
  2. Place in large pockets in LOCOmotion Classroom Notebooks or Station Books.
  3. Place in labeled plastic bags or expandable file folders.
  4. Store inside a Box Book in your LOCOmotion Box Library (made from cereal boxes).
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