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Alphabet Shutterfolds

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Product Description

With this downloadable product, one sheet of paper makes a small shutterfold that features one letter written as a capital on the left tab and lowercase on the right.  Letter shutterfolds can be made by/for each student, for a learning station, or for small group work and used when introducing a new letter in an early childhood classroom.  Under the tabs, students practice writing the letter and glue print or picture words related to the letter.  When studying initial consonants, have students write simple words and/or names that they encounter that begin with the featured letter.  For review, a classroom set of alphabet shutterfolds can be sequenced along a dry erase-board tray or on the floor or down a hall.

For primary grade levels, Alphabet Shutterfolds are perfect for collecting examples of proper nouns (under the left tab) and common nouns (under the right tab).  Record nouns encountered during reading or found in real world print.  Example words are written under the tabs.  Usually, only words that are always capitalized are placed under the uppercase letter tab – names of months, states, people, countries, and more.

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