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Alphabet GrandStands

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Product Description

Purchase individual GrandStands for $.75 or a packet of 26 for $19.50.

We have 2 styles!  Style 1: Quilt Hand Letters  Style 2: Circle-Line Letters

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With this downloadable product, one sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper makes one GrandStand.View the product assembly video on this page. Print GrandStands on index- or cover stock-weight paper in color or black/white.

Scroll down for Things to Do and ways to Store GrandStands!

Things to Do:

Note that GrandStands can be used on a table or desktop, or they can be glued, stapled, or push-pinned onto a bulletin board.

  • 1.Use this GrandStand with students who are learning or reviewing the letters of the alphabet.Use the stand to feature one word or a stack of word flashcards that begin with the consonant or vowel featured on the stand. Note that the entire alphabet is written across the lip of each display.Discuss the position of the letter in the alphabet:beginning, middle, end; before or after a given letter.
  • 2.Use all 26 stands when learning about the alphabet. Omit vowel stands to focus on initial consonants only.Use the a, e, i, o, and u stands when focusing on vowels. (Include y if appropriate.)
  • 3.Use a stand to feature one word or a stack of word flashcards that begin with the consonant or vowel featured on the stand. Flashcards might include:sight words, Real World Print, CVC words, plurals of CVC words, CVVC words, and more.
  • 4.In letter-based stations or work areas, use GrandStands to display teacher-written notes, instructions, or questions.Write on half-sheets of paper 8.5”x 11” paper.
  • 5.Share selected student writing or drawings that correspond to letters being studied.Have students write or draw on half-sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper so they will fit on the letter GrandStands.
  • 6.Matching Activities:Match two cards on each GrandStand.
  • upper case and lowercase letter cards:A and a
  • initial consonant picture and letter:picture of a cat and letter Cc flashcards
  • initial consonant CVC word and picture flashcards
  • initial consonant CVC word and its plural:dog, dogs
  • article or pronoun flashcards before a word card (a cab, the car, her cat)
  • 7.Have students sort or sequencing flashcards on the GrandStand.
  • sequence capital and lower case letters to form a pattern:c c C ; D d D
  • sequence individual letter cards to form words that begin or end with the letter
  • 8.GrandStands are teaching aids that can be used to display many different forms of print including Internet print, quotes, current events, rhymes, riddles, and fun facts.
  • 9.The size of the GrandStand is perfect for displaying quarter-sheets, half-sheets, and folded sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper.Worksheets can be folded in half and placed on a GrandStand. Have students draw a picture or write a title on the front of the folded sheet.
  • 10.Letter-based MiniBooks and Side-by-Side Books can be featured on GrandStands, too.

Store GrandStands

When made using index-weight paper, GrandStands last for several years.Glue together as demonstrated in the Assembly Video on this page or in the Multi-media Videos. Store GrandStands in the following ways:

  1. Store vertically in a Box Book in your LOCOmotion Box Library (made from cereal boxes).
  2. Store vertically in plastic or cardboard magazine holders.
  3. Store multiple sets of Grandstands vertically in a copy paper box.
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