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Alphabet Display Cases

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Product Description

Purchase individual Display Cases for $.75 or a packet of 26-pages for $18.20.

We have 2 styles!   Style 1: Quilt Hand Letters   Style 2: Circle-Line Letters

Make a selection from the menu above.

One sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper makes one Display Case. View the product assembly video on this page. Print Display Cases on index- or cover stock-weight paper in color or black/white.

Scroll down for Things to Do and ways to Store Display Cases.

Things to Do:

  1. As a fun alternative, use these display cases with students who already know their letters, but are working on more advanced letter-based activities. (To introduce letters and sounds, use the circle and stick letter format featured on the Version 2 Alphabet Display Case with or without toppers.)
  2. Use these displays to feature consonant blends and digraphs. For example, the C Display can be used for cl, cr, ck, and/or ch.
  3. Place physical objects or flashcards of objects that have names that begin with the featured letter as an initial and/or final consonant in the display.
  4. Place physical objects or flashcards of objects that have names that begin with the featured letter as part of an initial or final consonant blend or digraph in the display. (See related products.)
  5. Use these Display Cases for beginning alphabetizing activities and review.Place the Display Cases end-to-end to form a sequential train of letters. Find letters that come before or after a given letter.
  6. Make flashcards of spelling words and/or content vocabulary terms that begin with featured letters, and/or blends and digraphs that begin with the letter.
  7. Use the Display Cases to review word families (phonograms) with the same final consonant blends or digraphsand.Example:-at, -et, -it, -ot, -ut

Store Display Cases

Instead of assembling with glue, use paper clips to secure the sides of the display so it can be folded flat and stored in the following ways:

  1. Glued into LOCOmotion Classroom Notebooks or Station Books.
  2. Placed in large pockets in LOCOmotion Classroom Notebooks or Station Books.
  3. Placed in labeled plastic bags or expandable file folders.
  4. Stored inside a Box Book in your LOCOmotion Box Library (made from cereal boxes).
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