Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary manipulatives (VKVs) use one sheet of paper to form multiple kinesthetic vocabulary flashcards that can be duplicated and adhered into student journals, or stored in vocabulary pockets for long-term use. VKVs are unique manipulative tools that allow students to physically manipulate and change words and phrases. Not only are VKVs kinesthetic, but they place an emphasis on etymology and visual literacy while providing space for student-generated graphics and writing.

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VKVs are designed to move parts of words. One or more parts of a word can be manipulated and changed to form other related words.

VKVs are designed to move parts of sentences or phrases to aid in defining or relating terms or concepts.

VKVs can fold over to change one term or concept into another.

VKVs can be used to look at the etymology of a word and relate it to other words.

VKVs present multiple-word or phrase interactions on each card. No VKV flashcard presents only one version of a word.

Our new VKV download design eliminates the need for duplex printing!

VKV Reference and Instruction Books

CCC114 --  (Grades 4-12) This comprehensive 432-page reference book contains over 1,600 color photos of Foldables, Notebook Foldables, and VKVs (Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary). It is organized alphabetically with sections including acronyms, analogies, root words, synonyms, and more, with extensive word lists in each section. Special word lists are presented in Venn diagram format to graphically illustrate relationships between sounds and different spellings. Includes Foldables and VKV folding instructions. Purchase this 2011 TCA winner NOW!

CCC112 -- (Grades PreK-3) Dinah has compiled phonics, vocabulary, and spelling Foldables, word lists, and Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary (VKV) flashcards into this 350-page illustrated teaching manual with over 1,000 full-color photographs. Arranged in alphabetical order to enable quick searches of activities and word lists for teaching consonants, vowels, antonyms, synonyms, homographs, homophones, prefixes, suffixes, and more! Get your 2014 TCA winning book today!

Over 504 VKVs Products

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