Display Cases

These beautifully designed 3-D interactive classroom aids are used for building print awareness and visual literacy in classrooms and/or learning centers and they can be used in student notebooks or classroom big books.


One sheet of paper makes 6 flashcards that can be used in or with multiple LOCOmotion products including Display Cases, GrandStands, and all products and Notebook Foldables with pockets. Currently available for phonics and vocabulary.


One sheet of paper makes a 28-page miniature booklet. Only half of the pages are complete making it perfect for personalized student writing or graphics. MiniBooks with black-line graphics have a hidden word within each graphic. Students enjoy trying to find the hidden word using a hand lens.

Finger Mittens

Finger Mittens are used to generate student responses to questions, descriptions, flashcards, and more. We have mittens that relate to math, science, social studies, language arts and phonics skills and concepts. Fun assessment tool.

Sequencing and Pattern Flips

All of the moving parts are connected in these fun to use sequencing and pattern manipulatives. This activity incorporates listening, observing, decision making, and kinesthetic responses.


GrandStands are used as teaching aids and 3-D work displays on tables, desks, and bulletin boards. GrandStands can be used to display flashcards, student writing, teacher notes, Internet print, quotes, vocabulary terms, sentence strips, and more.


Unlike posterboard projects, winged shutterfold projects are a perfect size for desk work, and they are easy to store and display. Small shutterfolds can be placed in student notebooks or used as mini desk projects.

Side-by-Side Books

Photocopy paper is magically transformed by simple folds to make small, action-packed booklets. LOCOmotion library books differ from a regular classroom library in that all the skills-based books are made by and/or for students with students providing some input into the content found within the books.