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What began as a way to share her independent graphic organizers (not called Foldables until 2000) has evolved into a series of publications and manipulatives used by teachers everywhere. Newer titles explore notebooking techniques and envelope-based project formats. 

Over 17 Books by Dinah Zike Products

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Big Book Series

Each Big Book includes instructions for Dinah Zike's most popular folds, full-color photographs of content-specific examples, and lists of thousands of ideas for using her Foldable interactive graphic organizers to teach the content. The ideas are divided by the skill being taught, an activity to teach the subject or topic, and the number of foldable parts so you can quickly choose an appropriate graphic organizer. Books are subject specific and geared toward K-6 or Middle School/High School levels.

A comprehensive teachers’ guide to help you creatively manage your time, your energy, and the materials in your classroom. Classroom Organization: It Can Be Done! K-6 Revised Edition is filled with practical and effective ideas to make your life easier and your teaching more effective. Great gift for new graduating teachers!

VKV Reference and Instruction Books

CCC114 -- (Grades 4-12) This comprehensive 432-page reference book contains over 1,600 color photos of Foldables, Notebook Foldables, and VKVs (Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary). It is organized alphabetically with sections including acronyms, analogies, root words, synonyms, and more, with extensive word lists in each section. Special word lists are presented in Venn diagram format to graphically illustrate relationships between sounds and different spellings. Includes Foldables and VKV folding instructions. Purchase this 2011 TCA winner NOW!

CCC112 -- (Grades PreK-3) Dinah has compiled phonics, vocabulary, and spelling Foldables, word lists, and Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary (VKV) flashcards into this 350-page illustrated teaching manual with over 1,000 full-color photographs. Arranged in alphabetical order to enable quick searches of activities and word lists for teaching consonants, vowels, antonyms, synonyms, homographs, homophones, prefixes, suffixes, and more! Get your 2014 TCA winning book today!

Dinah’s award winning book, Notebook Foldables, and its CD of blank templates is available for purchase. The CD allows the purchaser to create unique templates by adding their own photos and text.

Dinah Zike’s Envelope Graphic Organizers shares ideas for adapting Dinah Zike’s Foldables for use with envelopes of all shapes and sizes. This book provides project idea starters and examples of envelope projects used as study guides, alternate report formats, and unit projects. This full-color book contains examples developed by Dinah and her team as well as teachers who have attended the Dinah Zike Academy. Complete your PD library with this 2014 TCA winner!

Over 17 Books by Dinah Zike Products

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