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January 5, 2017

Welcome--we are glad to have you here! We have been working for over a year on this website, and some of the features and products we've designed are still not ready to share, but this article will help you get the most out of our site, which is a blend of our previous websites (the earlier Dinah.com, Dinah Zike Academy, Notebooking Central, and Project Express).

We have five major divisions on the home page of the site: About, Products, Professional Development, Multi-Media, FAQs.  You can search the entire site from the home page search bar.

About leads to learning about Dinah, her staff, graphic organizers, the Dinah Zike Academy and some of our accomplished trainers, who offer presentations, help in conference booths, and help with product development.

Products takes you to our online store, custom-designed for us to accommodate the thousands of new, downloadable products we've been developing as well as our physical books and materials. If you hover over the Products link, you'll see that you can explore by Product Line, Grade Level, Language, Subject, or Type of Product.

Product Lines: Notebooking Central includes our printed booklets as well as individual downloadable templates. Initially, the templates come straight from the books, so if you've already purchased our booklets, you already have these. We're starting with science, then moving to other content areas. New Notebooking Central items are our Stackers for Scientists, Mathematicians, and U.S. Presidents. After we make our existing templates available as individual downloads, we'll start developing new ones.

Paperosophy shows some things we do with Real World Print (RWP). Beautiful content-based graphic designs immerse students in letters, words, numbers, and graphics whether printed in color or black and white, these pages are perfect for pockets in notebooks, book bindings and covers, and unique word walls around the classroom!

PHOTOinfer presents real world photographs from our extensive photo library for science observations, inferences, and extensions. A perfect high-interest, high-level thinking activity for interactive notebooks.

LOCOmotion is a new line of classroom manipulatives, booklets, and displays for early literacy and numeracy. We're starting with PK-2 materials for learning centers and stations and plan to add more grade levels. Fun, colorful (though also valuable when printed in black and white) materials for little fingers and early childhood classrooms.

VKV stands for Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary, and these downloadable flashcards don't require duplex printing! Add interactive vocabulary activities to student notebooks and projects--these templates include terms as well as graphics and/or etymology.

Books by DMA includes all our physical books. All prices include shipping costs. Shop here for the Big Book series in science, math, social studies for elementary or middle school/high school, as well as our Notebook Foldables, Envelope Graphic Organizers, Classroom Organization, and VKV books.

Additional Manipulatives includes your favorite non-book manipulatives, such as Study Flips for Grammar and Earth Science, math manipulatives including Circle Graphs, Foldable Fraction Clocks, and Equivalency Flips, social studies timelines for U.S. States and U.S. Presidents, and the Giant Periodic Table of Elements, and our new hand lenses. All prices include shipping costs.

Professional Development offers information about our workshops, upcoming conferences we'll be attending, the Dinah Zike Academy, and research supporting what we do.

Multi-Media is where you'll find ever-expanding photo and video libraries to help you and inspire you, as well as free edited or corrected templates from our products (we have occasionally discovered errors after printing) and free conference templates so you can add to your template library.

FAQs are offered in three categories: General, Professional Development, and Products so you can find the answers you need quickly and easily.

Though this isn't an exhaustive tour of our new site, we hope you'll visit often and Contact Us through our handy form--you can specify whether you have questions or comments about Products/Orders, Conferences and Workshops, Dinah Zike Academy, or a General Inquiry that doesn't neatly fit into a category.

Thanks for visiting!

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