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Dinah Zike's Big Book of Books and Activities won the Teachers' Choice Award for "instructional value, ease of use, quality, and innovation", and has become a teaching methods classic.

Dinah was awarded the Council for Elementary Science International's Advocate Award. In 2011, DMA won two
Teachers' Choice Awards for the Classroom: Dinah Zike's Foldables®, Notebook Foldables®, and VKVs for Spelling & Vocabulary and Dinah Zike's Notebook Foldables® for Spirals, Binders & Composition Books.
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In 2014, the Teachers' Choice Awards program added a new category for Professional Development. DMA is proud to be the recipient of two awards in this category: Dinah Zike's Envelope Graphic OrganizersTM and Dinah Zike's Foldables® and VKVs for Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary PreK-3rd.
Dinah Zike is an explosion of energy and ideas. Her excitement and joy for learning inspires everyone she touches. She knows how hard it is to make each day special for children because she taught for over ten years in the public school system.
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Art Department

Chris Holden 

Chris Holden, Graphic Designer

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Art Department

Rachelle Peterson 

Rachelle Peterson, Senior Creative Team Member

Rachelle has been a member of the Art Department at DMA since 2011. She is involved with the development and printing of new products.

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Art Department

Shannah Kunze 

Shannah Kunze, Creative Team Member

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Valerie Marchiori, Senior Creative Team Member

As a member of the Art Department at DMA since 2010, Valerie is involved with the development of new products and keeping promotional material up-to-date.

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Dinah Zike, M.Ed. 

Dinah Zike, M.Ed., President

Designer and creator of hundreds of 3-D interactive graphic organizers. Founder and President of Dinah-Might Adventures, LP and Dinah Zike Academy, LP.

Phone: Please contact me through our business office: 210-698-0123

Chief Operating Officer

Rhonda Meyer Vivian, Ph.D. 

Rhonda Meyer Vivian, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer

As a member of DMA/DZA since 2007, she coordinates the day-to-day activities of DMA, Dinah's educational consulting and publishing company, and DZA, a trainer-of-trainers institute dedicated to sharing Dinah's approach with educators.

Phone: 830-995-3800 Extension number: 24

Dinah Might Adventures (Leon Springs)

Brenda Schultz 

Brenda Schultz, Office Manager

Your contact for any accounting questions regarding DMA and DZA and a member of Dinah's team since 2000.

Phone: 210-698-0123 Fax: 210-698-0095

Dinah Might Adventures (Leon Springs)

Jeanne Herbes 

Jeanne Herbes, Customer Service

Jeanne processes all orders that come to the business office and finds answers to any questions you have regarding DMA and DZA. She has been working for DMA since 2006.

Phone: 210-698-0123 or to place an order: 800-99-DINAH